АВАНТЮРА ІДЕНТИЧНОСТІ КРІЗЬ ПОЧУТТЯ RESSENTIMENT (Adventure of Identity throughout the Feeling of Ressentiment)

Артеменко, Я. (Artemenko Y.) (2013) АВАНТЮРА ІДЕНТИЧНОСТІ КРІЗЬ ПОЧУТТЯ RESSENTIMENT (Adventure of Identity throughout the Feeling of Ressentiment). Наукові записки. Серія “Філософія”, Вип.13. pp. 158-162.

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Стаття присвячена проблемі самоідентифікації суб’єкта сучасної культури. Акцентується увага


умовах динамічних трансформаційних процесів постає як система культурних “практик”, “сценаріїв”,

“стратегій”, що ґрунтуються на принципі радикального розрізнення та дистанціювання.
Концепти“пригода” та “ressentiment”, запозичені з “філософії життя”, вказують на механізм і
природу відмінностей, що культивуються в добу глобалізації (The article is dedicated to the problem of self-identification of modern person. The author concentrates
her attention at the necessity of differentiation of ontological (fundamental) and factual levels of cultural
being. In conditions of social and historical transformations factual level appears to be a system of
cultural practices, scripts and strategies which are founded upon principle of radical differentiation and
estrangement. The concepts of adventure and ressentiment, which were taken from vocabulary of Philosophy
of Life, represent mechanism and background of differences that are cultivated in the epoch of globalization.
In the article there is an attempt of comprehension of phenomenon of self-identification from the point of
view of existential and phenomenological analyses. The author proposes her explanation of historical and
futuristic mythology in the context of comparison of universal and practical aspects of culture. Adventure is
considered to be a metaphor which expresses the essence of collision between person who is in need of sense
and outer cultural reality. It can be characterized as a specific temporal, spatial and moral situation which
makes people choose their functional identity. Ressentiment is being described as a negative emotional
content of self-identification, the result of differentiating and cause of estrangement.
Author came to the conclusion, that cultural memory is an ambivalent essence. In the case of emotional
interpretation of historical or life reality, inability to forget leads different identities to a conflict. In the
case of rational interpretation, ones can create a volumetric picture of the past as a part of inter-subjective
culture Cosmos)

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: ідентичність, трансформації культури, пригода, “ressentiment”, глобалізація (identity, adventure, ressentiment, cultural transformations, globalization)
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