ІДЕЇ “ОНТОЛОГІЧНОЇ ГНОСЕОЛОГІЇ” У ФІЛОСОФІЇ “АБСОЛЮТНОГО РЕАЛІЗМУ СЕМЕНА ФРАНКА. (”Ideas of “ontological gnosiology” in philosophy of “absolute realism” of S. Frank’s.)

Мелько, І. (I. Melko) (2013) ІДЕЇ “ОНТОЛОГІЧНОЇ ГНОСЕОЛОГІЇ” У ФІЛОСОФІЇ “АБСОЛЮТНОГО РЕАЛІЗМУ СЕМЕНА ФРАНКА. (”Ideas of “ontological gnosiology” in philosophy of “absolute realism” of S. Frank’s.). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.13). pp. 73-77.

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У статті аналізуються вихідні ідеї “онтологічної гносеології” Семена Франка. Показано, що через побудову власної теорії знання Франк перш за все дає відповідь на питання, яким чином суб’єкт, що пізнає, може сприймати трансцендентну йому реальність. З’ясовано, що онтологічною умовою можливості інтуїції є “укоріненість” індивідуального буття в абсолюті як всеєдності.
(The initial ideas of “ontological gnosiology” of S. Frank’s are analysed in the article. It is shown
that through the construction of own theory of knowledge Frank foremost gives an answer for a question
how subject that cognizes can perceive transcendent to him reality. In an attempt bsha issdedovat essence
“ontological turn”. It is a remedy by the theory of being and sense-as a fundamental part of any philosophical
theory and philosophy in general, the desire to overcome the subject-object separation and vozrozhdeshte
realistic understanding of the learning process. Theory of being reborn in the modern philosophy in two
ways: in the form of metaphysics, the central and integrated part of which is the doctrine of the Absolute, and
that seeks to explain and justify the world, and as a “new ontology”, which form the theory of being based
on the category of “things “and try to describe reality as something that actually opens the human mind.
Frank’s presentation analyzed the phenomenon of consciousness, resulting in shows that the philosopher
explains the possibility of givenness knowing subject of transcendent being a statement principle open mind
to the outside world in the act of attention and depth of the human person in self-consciousness. In this
regard, the article provides a detailed analysis of the cognitive and ontological perspective philosophy of
absolute realism S. Frank. Analyzed the content of the concept of intuition, which is determined by Frank
as “living knowledge”, and investigated the role of this concept in his epistemology. “Living knowledge”
is defined as the specific knowledge and integrity that a single partial comprehension of the subject opens
up a whole determines the content, or “native” unity of being. It is a mutually) of connection between the
two processes: direct experience of the reality and awareness of this experience, that is, Intuition is “the
experience of thinking.”)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: буття, пізнання, свідомість, суб’єкт, об’єкт, інтуїція, інтенціональний. (existence, cognition, consciousness, subject, object, intuition, intension.)
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