ФІЛОСОФСЬКІ ПРОБЛЕМИ У "КНИЗІ ЗАГАЛЬНИХ ПОНЯТЬ" АБУ ЛЬ-БАКА' АЛЬ-КАФАУВІ (1618 - 1682/1683 РР.) (Philosophical Issues in the "Book of General Notions" by Abu l-Baqa' al-Kafawi (1618 -1682/1683)

Якубович, М. (M. Yakubovych) (2013) ФІЛОСОФСЬКІ ПРОБЛЕМИ У "КНИЗІ ЗАГАЛЬНИХ ПОНЯТЬ" АБУ ЛЬ-БАКА' АЛЬ-КАФАУВІ (1618 - 1682/1683 РР.) (Philosophical Issues in the "Book of General Notions" by Abu l-Baqa' al-Kafawi (1618 -1682/1683). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.14). pp. 21-25.

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Статтю присвячено компендіумуАль-Куллійят ("Книга загальних понять"), написаному наприкінці XVII ст. кримськотатарським екзегетом, філологом, правником та мислителем Абу ль-Бака' аль-Кафауві (1618 - 1682/1683 рр.). Розкрито особливості осмислення фундаментальних філософських понять, значення яких аль-Кафауві розглядав у своєму творі. Зазначено, що аль-Кафауві можна вважати продовжувачем традицій ісламського енциклопедизму.
(The early modern period of the Islamic Philosophy is represented in contemporary Oriental Studies in a quite controversial view. Some authors claim for the deepening crisis on the Muslim lands. These explorations relate what may be called as "the crisis of intellect" to the economical decline of Islamic World or even the growth of negative processes in social stratification. In general, this crisis is juxtaposed into the whole Islamic World. Some other researchers, like A. Allawi and R. Bulliet, even recognize the roots of this crisis as the manifestations of some aspects of Islamic culture, mainly associated with politics and features of the ideals of Islamic monarchy. Some notable observations, concerning the state ofphilosophical learning in 16th century Islam, presented in study of Khaled el-Rouayheb, Robert Wisniowski and other authors.
One of the Crimean scholars of the early modern period, whose heritage includes not only "transmitted", but "rational" sciences, seems to be quite neglected in majority of studies on early modern Islam. That is, Abu l-Baqa' al-Kafawi (1618 - 1682/1683), who authored a book entitledAl-Kulliyyat. This measterpiece of Islamic learning, being a kind of encyclopedia, covers more than three thousand of the philosophical, exegetical, philological, juristical and other notions.
In our study, we conclude that his vision of many philosophical issues reveals a powerful scientific background of 16th and 17th century Crimea. Finally, it is argued that al-Kafawi was influenced by ibn Sina and many other thinkers of the Classical Islam. The book of Al-Kulliyyat still a popular source for the reference in both Muslim and academic Islamic Studies.)

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