ОБРАЗ ЛЮДИНИ У ФІЛОСОФІЇ ІВАНА ІЛЬЇНА. (Image of person in philosophy Ivan Iljin.)

Вершина, В. (V. Vershina) (2013) ОБРАЗ ЛЮДИНИ У ФІЛОСОФІЇ ІВАНА ІЛЬЇНА. (Image of person in philosophy Ivan Iljin.). Наукові записки. Серія "Філософія" (Вип.14). pp. 124-128.

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Стаття присвячена антропологічній проблематиці у філософії Івана Ільїна. Як ключові структурні елементи образу людини, у Ільїна автор виділяє такі феномени, як духовність, любов, страждання. Аналізуються погляди філософа на суть духовності; природу, види й атрибутивні риси любові та страждання.
(This article is dedicated to anthropological problem in philosophy of Ivan Iljin. As key structural elements of image ofperson in philosophy of Ivan Iljin the author distinguishes such phenomena, as spirituality, love, and suffering.
Spirituality in philosophy of Ivan Iljin has exceptionally religious essence and examined as the only veritable way of life of a person. Ideas about a spirit and spirituality of a person completely determine the ideas of philosopher about love and suffering. Iljin distinguishes love as the whole phenomenon which is characterized by the row of attributive aspects. In such aspect love comes forward as some basis offurther modifications of love on two conditions: love ordinary, workaday, and love inspired. Presence of unspiritual love, love to the unworthy objects, which bear in itself an evil and create one, Iljin establishes, but estimates such love sharply negatively, only as a condition and possibility for awakening of love spiritual. However the author counts such approach a scheme and one - sided, eliminating all complications and contradictions of this phenomenon.
A category of suffering is third key structural elements ofperson's image in philosophy of I.Iljin. Suffering comes forward the source of the spiritual awakening of person and his further becoming as a "person". A hypothetical person in which a capacity absents for suffering is creature "anthropomorphous". Thus, in reflections about a man and suffering of Iljin in certain sense "faithful to itself is an ethics maximalist, not acknowledging possible transitions and conventions. Image of person, is presented in philosophical anthropology of Iljin, is some artificial construction, rationalized chart of person, but on the essence in a great deal contradictory and deeply tragic. Veritable happiness is declared by Iljin as possibility, attainable due to a presence and overcoming of suffering, the spiritual transforming, in fact, is utopia for an earthly person.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Іван Ільїн, філософська антропологія, образ людини, релігійність, дух, духовність, любов, страждання. (Ivan Iljin, philosophical anthropology, image of person, religiousness, spirit, spirituality, love, suffering.)
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