Ідея безкінечного як бажання у філософії Е. Левінаса (The idea of infinite as desire in the philosophy of E.Levinas)

Тимо, О. (Tymo O.) (2014) Ідея безкінечного як бажання у філософії Е. Левінаса (The idea of infinite as desire in the philosophy of E.Levinas). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Філософія", Вип.15. pp. 3-7.

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У цій статті розглянуто поняття Тотальності, визначено умови, необхідні для розриву Тотальності,
появи у ній Самототожного як Я. Також вивчено специфіку метафізичного відношення, у якому реалізується

зв’язок з радикально Іншим, досліджено винятковість ідеї Безкінечного та з’ясовано зміст поняття
Бажання (One of the main aspects of the philisophy of french thinker Levinas was analysed in the given article.Tha author’s aim
is to take a view of the particularity of the Levinas’s ethnical conception. It means that the Levinas’s ethnic isn’t the ethnic
in its well-known meaning with the moral dogms, norms and the rules of condition.We can understand this distinction
doing the analyse of the Levinas philosophical inheritance.That’s why this article observes the main onthological base
of his conception.The link between the Levinas ontholigy and his ethic with the central notion Another’ is the problem of
Another like general category the author observes what is Another» and how does it appear in the being.
The analyse begins with the description of the conditions when the existence of Another is impossible; it means from
the notion of the word Totality that absorbs Another and doesn’t give it the possibility to exist like Another. The conditions
which are necessary to interrupt this Totality and the apparance of relation with an absolutely Another are written.
The author determines the meaning of the notion Identical, Myself, the particularities of the selfidentification of
Myself and observes the metaphysic movement of the transcendention, its distinction from the kinds of relation where
Another of Another, its radical strange are effaced.
The final phasedescribes the cartezian analyse of the idea of Infinity that like Levinas told and studied its metaphysic
relation, is determined exclusion of the Infinity, its distinction from the other ideas.
The author studies the mode this idea of «Infinity» is realysed with determines the meaning of the notion Desire in
Levinas philisophy, its distinction of the Need and its connection with another main category of Levinas philisophy -the
notion of the Face)

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: отальність, Безкінечність, Тотожне, Бажання, Інше, Інший (Totality, Infinity, The Same, Desire, the other, The Other)
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