Становище університету: від діагностики кризи до перспективи культурної політики (The condition of university: from diagnostics of crisis to perspectives of cultural policy)

Шевчук, Д. (D. Shevchuk) (2014) Становище університету: від діагностики кризи до перспективи культурної політики (The condition of university: from diagnostics of crisis to perspectives of cultural policy). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Філософія", Вип.15. pp. 114-119.

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Cтаття присвячена філософському аналізу сучасного становища університету. Автор звертає увагу на
основні виклики, які стоять перед університетом (соціокультурний, інституційний, політичний, системний),
а також на основні причини кризи цієї інституції. Крім того, розглянуто проблему можливості бути університету
і окреслення
його культурної
політики (The contemporary university is transforming. It is evident in elimination of liberal arts from this cultural institution
that were fundamental for its project from the begininning. As the result of it we can find the excessive professionalism
of university. The analysis of the university and impact of its transformation on the educational process and educational
policy requires a philosophical approach. The relevance of philosophical understanding of higher education issues
today due to the fact that the university is undergoing transformation. This «transformation» can describe the
changes it undergoes as they are no longer exposed only by administrative regulation (eg iyearhizovanomu managed
by administrations, ministries, etc.). Philosophical reflection should also be used to changes intrinsic meaning of
«education». We can identify the socio-cultural, institutional, political and systemic challenges for the modern university.
In the context of finding answers to the challenges modern university should create and implement its cultural
policies focused on the manifestation of the socio-political and critical potential. Socio-political and critical potential
of the university is based on the concept of man as a free, educated individual who is able to become conscious social
actor. It is related to notions of education as a way of creating general conditions conducive to the acquisition of human
freedom and the formation of the individual capable of free thinking, understanding others and making a conscious
social communication and practice. The cultural policy is closely linked to the protection and preservation of university
autonomy, which is considered one of the achievements of European culture. Implementation of socio-political and
cultural criticism can be defined as the basis of identity of the academic community. Thus, the university offers a public
space that promotes the formation of social perceptions of the importance of knowledge and intellectual authority. It
also lays the conditions for emancipate project that would provide redundancy dismissal subject to the established
canon of culture and stereotypical identities imposed on him and limit mimetychnist (learning by imitation authorities)
and affirmed reflexivity)

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: університет, політика, освіта, знання, філософія освіти (university, policy, education, knowledge, philosophy of education)
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by fields of science > Philosophy
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