Філософсько-культурологічне розуміння гуманізму в сучасній етиці (Philosophical and cultural understanding of humanism in the modern ethics)

Гусір, І. (I. Gusir) (2014) Філософсько-культурологічне розуміння гуманізму в сучасній етиці (Philosophical and cultural understanding of humanism in the modern ethics). Наукові записки Національного університету "Острозька академія". Серія "Філософія", Вип.15. pp. 141-146.

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Розглянуто поняття гуманізму й висвітлено його основні принципи та характерні особливості. Виокремлено

явище кризи як передумови трансформації сучасного світогляду та змодельовано її вплив на поняття
гуманізму в етичному вимірі. Проаналізовано зміну парадигми розуміння поняття гуманізму в сучасній філософсько-етичній
думці (Reviewed the concept of humanism and highlighted its main principles and characteristics. Singled out the
phenomenon of crisis as precondition transforming the modern worldview and modeled its effect on the concept of
humanism in ethical dimension. Analyzed the paradigm shift of understanding concept of humanism in contemporary
philosophical and ethical thought.
Humanism as any phenomenon in the history of culture was changed with time, passed some evolution and had their
prerequisites of development. Humanism, which is a system of views, is a prerequisite for awareness relevant values,
needs, norms of consciousness and lifestyle of social classes in any modern society.
Every age has its own characteristics that indicate both at the positive aspects of a particular time and also at
its negatives. Now we live in a time called «modernity», which also has its own characteristics. This period is very
important for us because we are its bearers. The problem is, that today modern society is subject to the signs of the
crisis, and the crisis – a state of pathology, deviation from normal functioning. Political and economic instability,
military confrontation, religious internecine strife, bad environmental conditions – that is real picture of the crisis of
modern society. We try to understand the complexity, diversity, paradox of present society and we are looking for ways
address pressing problems. The role of ethics again becomes important at this moment because it performs the role of
pointer for the settlement all contradictions.
The article highlighted the fact that a person is the highest value, and new humanism must establish its position in
order to crisis state of society changed for the better. New humanism based on an understanding of the future man and
humanity in which humanness is an indication high morality of human individuals, and responsibility – manifestation
of power, which lies in the ability completely answer for committed actions)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: гуманізм, сучасність, криза, етика, людина, людяність, відповідальність (humanism, modernity, crisis, ethics, human, humaneness, responsibility)
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by fields of science > Philosophy
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