Концептуальні основи вищої освіти в інформаційному суспільстві (Conceptual Foundations of Higher Education in the Information Society)

Найдьонов, О. (О. Naydonov) (2015) Концептуальні основи вищої освіти в інформаційному суспільстві (Conceptual Foundations of Higher Education in the Information Society). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філософія» (Вип.16). pp. 74-78.

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Вища освіта потребує оновлення своїх концептуальних основ в умовах інформаційного суспільства. Університети повинні стати центрами з продукування і вдосконалення знань, осередками культури і моралі. Провідною навчальною дисципліною має бути етика на основі Першокниг людства: Вед, Авести, Біблії, Корану.
(Information society focuses on the rejection from the objective of implementing the economic growth of the country
primarily. The economy is no longer a major subsystem of society. Economic growth by means of goods production
becomes secondary. The main purpose of the new society is the welfare increase of the country and its citizens through
communication facilitating and information processing. It comes to the replacement of the economic structure based on
heavy industry, by the structure based on knowledge-intensive industries.
According to this, the replacement of the conceptual framework of higher education in the information society is
extremely important.
As a result, the following conclusions were obtained:
– In the information society universities do not only research work and learning process, but also become centers of creating, collecting, reflecting, recording, accumulating, preserving and spreading knowledge;
– Higher education is to become the environment of high cultured level and cherish spirituality, patriotism and
collectivism. Technocratism of higher education requires to be reviewed. The amount of technical universities available
in Ukraine does not meet to the structure of the information society. Their number should be reduced. Spirituality on
the base of the scientific exploration of the Bible and other the first books of humanity is the basis of the educational process;
– Essence of the learning process procedure must be supplemented by modern Postnonclassical meaning component;
– Ethics and psychology are the most important science, and physics, mathematics and other natural sciences are
minor or even irrelevant (in the non-core facilities) for the learning process;
– Emphasis in learning is transferred from acquiring knowledge to the ability to create them. Higher education
must prepare primarily scientists, those who will be engaged in scientific work. Hence, prestige, activity conditions,
payments and Ukrainian scientists’ situation should be reviewed with the aim of changing for the better.)

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