Очікувані параметри розвитку ринку плодів і ягід в Україні (Expected parameters of fruits and small fruits market development in Ukraine)

Сало, І. (І. Salo) (2019) Очікувані параметри розвитку ринку плодів і ягід в Україні (Expected parameters of fruits and small fruits market development in Ukraine). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Економіка» : науковий журнал (15(43)). pp. 23-27. ISSN 2311-5149

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У статті розкрито особливості розвитку кон’юнктури вітчизняного ринку плодів і ягід. Основна частка продукції в країні виробляється господарствами населення. Імпорт формується переважно за рахунок об’єктивно необхідних поставок. Перші три лідерські позиції у світовому виробництві плодів і ягід займають банани, яблука та апельсини. Потреби населення в плодоягідній продукції задовольняються на 70%. У найближчій перспективі очікується завдяки незначному зростанню обсягів виробництва, імпорту плодів і ягід, платоспроможного попиту рівень споживання до 60 кг на особу в рік. (The inland fruit and small fruit market in spite of the considerable term after Ukraine has obtained the status of the country with the market-oriented economy may not be called perfect either concerning the proposition formation structure or as for the demand provision. It is evident, however, that in recent years commercial entities are interested in the formation of the considerable fruit and small fruit product lots for sales, especially walnut and minor crops. Actual for today is the problem of the optimum inland fruit and berry market development based on those products efficient consumption. The research is aimed at determining the peculiarities of the fruit and small fruit market performance formation and its development expected parameters taking into consideration the hard political and economic situation in the country. In Ukraine fruit and berry products are manufactured by two categories of farms agricultural enterprises and private peasant farms, the bulk of the fruits and small fruits nestling to the latters – 78.5% (2014.7 ths. tons). The first three leading positions concerning the fruit and berry production volumes belong to bananas, apples and oranges. In 2018 the fruit and small fruit consumption level was up to 57 kg per individual per year. That corresponds to a standard of 82 kg (without grapes) at 70%. Almost 30% of the fruit and berry consumption fund is formed by the import, supplies. The greatest volumes of the objectively necessary import (citrus fruits, bananas, dates, pineapples) are 14.4 kg per individual per year. Lower manufacturing level in 2019 as compared to the previous year is foreseen because of the fruit tree over loading and favorable natural and climatic conditions. The year 2018 distinguished itself for the record apple harvest in all the categories of farms.
The inconsiderable expansion of the inland production of the objectively necessary import, increase of the effective demand and present dynamics of the population reduction in Ukraine will influence the fruit and small fruit consumption level formation. For instance, those products consumption is expected at the level 60 kg per individual in 2020. In the future to ensure the market volume spread, growth of the population requirements in high-quality fruits and berries, effective consumption standards, export supplies expansion and the country status diversion from the raw material supplier to that of the ready-made fruit and small fruit products it is necessary to expand production by agricultural enterprises because the products manufactured by private peasant farms are uncompetitive in the world market in terms of quality and price. The geographical apple distribution may change in favour of the EU member countries: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: ринок, плоди, ягоди, виробництво, споживання (market, fruits, small fruits, production, consumption)
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