Migration along the Balkan route

Худолій, Анатолій (A. Khudoliy) (2022) Migration along the Balkan route. Acta De Historia & Politica: Saeculum XXI,, 3. pp. 69-81.

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The article deals with migration flows along the Balkan route, which remained active during tenth of years and despite the efforts of European countries to control the process. Migration, in contrast to expectations, turned out to be much more complicated phenomenon than it was supposed to be. It brought numerous problems in economic, political, social life of the countries located along the Balkan migration route. It negatively affected the European Union that demonstrated inability to take control of its’ functioning despite all efforts.
The purpose of the article is to provide a brief analysis of migration along the Balkan route and its influence on the EU. In particular, the article examines the push and pull factors affecting migrants’ decision to travel to Europe; the historical background of migration to Europe; regular and irregular migration as well as pre- and post-pandemic tendencies of migration through the Balkans. The following tasks are defined for the study: 1) examine the process of migration along the Balkan migration route, mapping regular and irregular migration flow; 2) distinguish the factors, influencing destination choice of irregular migrants; 3) identify and analyze the time periods of the migration flows into Europe.
The author offered basic terms related to the topic of migration along with definitions. The article includes observation of the literature that illustrates works related to the topic under discussion and analysis of researches conducted by western scholars who focused on studying of the Balkan migration route.
The Balkan route has been quite intensive from the point of view of migration. 14723 cases of illegal border crossing were registered between January and May 2021. Migrants came from Syria, Afghanistan, Morocco and Libya. They produce the most significant part of migrants who move along the Balkan route. In previous years, 2015-2016, the Balkan route was a dominant corridor for migrants heading to the Central and Western Europe.
Intended destination is also in the focus the author, who came to the conclusion that migrants were rather deliberate in their selection of the destination country in Europe. The article provides the index that demonstrates the least and the most-accepting countries for migrants.
The author comes to the conclusion that the Balkan migration route during 2001-2021 proved that in many cases Europe remains migrants’ priority due to numerous reasons. The attitude of the EU member-states citizens (destination spots) is much more positive than the attitude of the Balkan countries (transit ones).
(У статті розглянуто питання балканського міграційного коридору, який функціонує на постійні основі впродовж багатьох років, попри зусилля країн Балканського півострова та Європейського Союзу. Мета статті полягає в аналізі міграційних процесів на Балканському півострові та його вплив на ЄС і країни Європи. Автор розглянув базові терміни, пов’язані з міграційними процесами, здійснив огляд літератури, присвяченій даному питанню та зазначив основні дослідження західних науковців, дотичних до теми статті. Інтенсивність міграційних процесів у вище згаданому регіоні зумовлена економічною та політичною ситуацією в країнах-донорах мігрантів, серед яких – Афганістан, Пакистан, Сирія тощо. В статті подано список країн, які демонструють найбільшу та найменшу прихильність до мігрантів. Ставлення країн-членів ЄС виявилось позитивнішим до мігрантів, ніж ставлення Балканських країн.)

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