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Специфіка функціонування одоративної лексики у поетичній творчості Івана Драча

Абрамчук, О. (O. Abramchuk) and Клочко, Н. (H. Klochko) and Поздрань, Ю. (Yu. Pozdran) (2015) Специфіка функціонування одоративної лексики у поетичній творчості Івана Драча. Наукові записки Національного університету “Острозька академія”. Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.51). pp. 134-137.

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У статті досліджено одоративну лексику як продуктивний засіб створення художньої образності в поетичній творчості Івана Драча. Особливу увагу приділено частиномовному вираженню запахових відчуттів та їх функціонально-стилістичній характеристиці. (In the article the author presents odourative vocabulary as productive means of artistic vividness creation in poetic work of Ivan Drach. Special attention is given to the expression of perception of smells and their functionally-stylistic description. A vocabulary for denotation of the smell in the lyric poetry of Ivan Drach forms the difficult system of the names, that, functioning in semantic and syntactic constructions, carry out direct connection of language with really existing smells of wild nature, with concept categories that represent the specific feeling in our consciousness. They are united by general semantics,they name either smell (pleasant or unpleasant), however differ in grammatical registration, being nouns, adjectives, verbs, participles and verbal adverbs. Words on denotation of smells are presented by a poet by different parts of speech. Mostly used are verbs adjectives and nouns. Verbs in language constructions with the value of perception and denotation of smell carry out a special role. They give new tints to the nouns denoting smell; the new metaphorical pictures of the surrounding world are created as a result. The nomination of smells has in-relative character, that is why lexico-semantic compatibility and context in which either noun is used influences the exposures of smell evaluation – pleasant or unpleasant – given by the meanings of nouns. Adjectives delimit their functions clearly, naming either smell, as their meanings specify presence, constancy of somesign, peculiar to a plant, food, object stuff, specifying feeling of smell here.Тhe semantic category of smell in works of Ivan Drach includes a set of basic constituents of smells perception process: «subject, that perceives smells», «smell», «sources of smells», «description of source of smell», «environment of distribution of smells», «trajectory of smells motion», «physical actions of subject in relation to smells», «description of smells». The poet managed brightly, distinctly, with the recreation of the thinnest nuances to pass the aromas of surrounding reality, being here profuse in the use of different sources of smells.)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Одоративна лексика, пряме одоративне значення, номінація запаху, об’єкт та суб’єкт одоративної складової світу (Odorative vocabulary, direct odorative value, nomination smell, object and subject of odorative constituent of the world)
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