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Ґендерна філософія в постмодерній перспективі (Gender philosophy in postmodern perspective)

Головащенко, І. (І. Holovashchenko) (2016) Ґендерна філософія в постмодерній перспективі (Gender philosophy in postmodern perspective). Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Гендерні дослідження», Вип. 2. pp. 3-14.

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У статті досліджено як виникло й розвивається сучасне гендерознавство, яку роль у його становленні відіграє філософія. Розглянуті методологічні аспекти становлення та взаємодії жіночих студій та неминучості гендерних досліджень як актуальних практик, що спонукаються соціальною практикою. У роботі підкреслено, що переосмислення присутності жінки в історії формується філософським дискурсом у постмодерній перспективі (The article investigates the gender philosophy issue in con- temporary research field. Essential methodological ideas concern postmodern paradigm in philosophy. The article examines the philosophy of sex on current research and educational practice. Women’s cognitive experience appeared at the center of the educational process in the early 1980s. This period has been named women’s studies mainstreaming. The second period of the women’s studies was associated with rethinking of traditional knowledge principle. The article concluded: women’s studies are a new independent academic discipline and the attempt to acquire fundamental changes in academic social studies using the latest techniques. Gender studies are interdisciplinary and based on the principles of multiculturalism. This cognitive space shift promoted tolerance, practice of freedom and equal rights. Gender Studies History starts at 1990s and aggregates ethics, theory and pragmatics. Gender studies covering a wide range of research, changing scientific terminology and methodology. The author, basing on contemporary literature, analyzes kinds of feminist and gender studies. Principles of gender theory and women’s studies separation are in focus. The article concluded that gender studies take into account the presence and interaction of many genders. Substantial assistance to the implementation of axiological pluralism in gender studies was made by attention to the main intellectual’s tool – language. The article demonstrates how modern humanities encourage the creation of new verbal behavior. Michel Foucault has played the major role in the articulation of new linguistic practices. His famous followers Hйlиne Cixous and Luce Irigaray show in their investigations the importance of practical purposes of creating objective text. Woman was removed from texts through the language. Author points out the one of the main problems of poststructuralism – the death of the author. This women writing’s position and research make it possible to dive into the initiate. Such position is supported in this paper by the Judith’s Butler creative contribution. Main thesis of her philosophy is «sex is a representation». Power strategies are a vast field for research of gender studies. Different types of power relations is not only a political issue. «Power is the name used to label the strategic situation in a given society». Thus, this article outlines the problem field of contemporary gender studies in their development and perspective)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: гендер, стать, влада, мова, постструктуралізм, жіночі студії, фемінологія (gender, sex, power, language, poststructuralism)
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