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Елементи релігійного стилю в повісті Олександра Довженка «Зачарована Десна»

Баран, Г. (H. Baran) (2015) Елементи релігійного стилю в повісті Олександра Довженка «Зачарована Десна». Наукові записки Національного університету «Острозька академія». Серія «Філологічна» (Вип.57). pp. 35-44.

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У статті проаналізовані особливості використання елементів релігійного стилю в повісті Олександра Довженка «Зачарована Десна». Виокремлено релігійно забарвлені слова, наведені класифікації цієї лексики за значенням, морфологічною належністю та походженням, також наведені випадки вживання висловів із Біблії, ці вислови класифіковані за походженням та ступенем переносності значення, а також указані випадки авторської трансформації бібліїзмів. (The features of using religious vocabulary in Taras Shevchenko`s poem «Hajdamaky» have been analyzed in the article. Religiously colored words have been distinguished, the classification of vocabulary words by meaning, origin and morphological features are given. Oleksandr Dovzhenko is known as author of myphopoethical writings. Among which a special place is autobiographical story «The Enchanted Desna». Oleksandr Dovzhenko incarnates metaphorism through using of a considerable number of religious vocabulary and expressions from the Bible. In our research we concentrate attention on these elements of religious style. We look at religious vocabulary, which used by Oleksandr Dovzhenko in «The Enchanted Desna», through classification by meaning of the words, through morphological systematization of these lexical units and through researching of origin of religious lexemes. Oleksandr Dovzhenko in «The Enchanted Desna» widely uses religious vocabulary. In his story Oleksandr Dovzhenko uses 517 usages of religious vocabulary and 199 lexical units from 16240 of all words which used be him in «The Enchanted Desna». A large number of using religious vocabulary in story which isn’t a religious genre indicates about importance frequency of using elements of religious style in oeuvre. Religious vocabulary creates special solemnity and sublimity. The context of this vocabulary provides different shades: the literal and figurative meanings satirical coloring etc. In order to fully reflect lexical palette story «The Enchanted Desna», it is important to investigate the morphological structure of religious vocabulary in this work. Most of the religious vocabulary Dovzhenko uses nouns, verbs and adjectives. Religious vocabulary in «The Enchanted Desna» is inhomogeneous in origins. The biggest part of it is Ukrainian words and common Slavonic words which Dovzhenko introduces his story, improving the religious identity of the Ukrainian language, facilitating its penetration of elements in the artistic style. Another parts are: Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Old Church Slavonic words. Second important elements of religious identity in the story Dovzhenko «Charmed Desna» are expressions from the Bible. In this article we have tried to establish the role played by the statements of Scripture named in the story, as they affect the author’s style. Using expressions from the Bible in his story «The Enchanted Desna» Olexandr Dovzhenko improved artistic style of the Ukrainian language, provided artistic triumph and elation speech, created a special story excitement. The story of Olexandr Dovzhenko has 42 use biblical phraseology and 94 use biblical expressions in the literal sense. Sayings dominated with some books: Psalms, Gospels. Expression of these books are the most used in the church, they provide speech and celebration Hills. It is for this reason Olexandr Dovzhenko take them in his story. Its disposal biblical phraseology of these books is the author of accuracy and precision to express an opinion, gives his book metaphor, great excellence, sacredness and high stylish sound. Olexandr Dovzhenko, describing the picture of his childhood, is served by religious elements of style ideas to achieve piece and the theme – the image of Ukrainian spiritual world, their way of life and living. The religious vocabulary and expressions from the Bible helps the author in this story and give special sacred sound.)

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