ЗНАЧЕННЯ РОМАНУ ЯК “ПРАКТИКИ СЕБЕ” У ФОРМУВАННІ МОДЕРНОЇ САМОІДЕНТИЧНОСТІ ОСОБИСТОСТІ (A value of novel as “practices of itself” is in forming of modern self-identity of personality)

Мазур, Л. (Mazur L.) (2013) ЗНАЧЕННЯ РОМАНУ ЯК “ПРАКТИКИ СЕБЕ” У ФОРМУВАННІ МОДЕРНОЇ САМОІДЕНТИЧНОСТІ ОСОБИСТОСТІ (A value of novel as “practices of itself” is in forming of modern self-identity of personality). Наукові записки. Серія “Філософія”, Вип.13. pp. 131-135.

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У статті проводиться думка, що роман являє собою особливу світську форму “практик себе”,
що виникає у добу Нового часу на основі розвитку приватних стосунків; показано, що наративні
практики творять нову модель особистісної самоідентичності, соціокультурними вимірами якої
стають час, почуття і артефакти міжособистісного спілкування (An idea is conducted in the article, that a novel shows the special secular form of “practices of itself”,
that arises up in New time on the basis of development of private relations. Becoming of novel went out of
influence of any proof literary traditions – opening of historical value of facts of the personal life took place
on the basis of municipal folklore that acquired the lines of folk form of practice of itself. Stories overgrew
not simply due to quantitative addition of separate episodes of life; they were consistently opened out in
space and time, acquired certain structure and became integral history of one life.
They lost moralist instructive character: Unlike the heroes of folk epos of previous epoches, which
executed will of people, personified his hope, in a novel a man operates independently, from itself.
Innovative maintenance a novel, which was engendered in everyday practice of people, creates the new
model of human self-identity, which is formed in active copulas with the world: in the scalene intermingling
with other people and capture of activity different kinds. Roman is practice of itself not in that sense, that
sometimes at leisure we read books, but because with us there is something fundamental, when the act of
reading is intertwined in some totality of our vital displays, vital acts and crystallizes in a clear form that
happened with us, that saw that we had read.
A value a novel in forming of modern self-identity consists in that, being “by passing of life”, he becomes
the instrument of cognition of own desires, which enables to realize itself. In head for self-realization of
personality, it closes up with spiritual practices itself in confession of the real life, which is out of workaday.
It goes out from here that a point is some; accrete with a lasting act, absolute “I”, different from the plural
of psychological “I” that makes maintenance of self-identity of personality.
Practice of narration give the modern identity of the new sociocultural measuring – sphere of senses,
internal feeling of time, artifacts of interpersonally intercourse)

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Uncontrolled Keywords: практики себе, самоідентичність особистості, наратив, наративна ідентичність (novel, practice itself, self-identity of personality, narrative, narrative identity, internal feeling of time)
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